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Ashok Kalelkar

Ashok Kalelkar

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Ashok Kalelkar (1943-2010)

Ashok Kalelkar, Ph.D., was a founding charter member of TiE-Atlantic and served as its president and chairman. He was well respected in the world of consulting. His steadfast dedication and guidance was crucial to the initial founding and growth of TiE. He represented TiE-Atlantic in the formation of TiE Global. He continuously put his time and effort with founding Charter member Samir Desai and his wife Nilima Desai in their work to manage the TiE-Atlantic office and programs.

He was one of three General Partners in Seed Capital and the Manager of their Boston office. He joined the predecessor company of Seed Capital Partners called i-Group-HOTBANK in 2000 and built the entire team for the Boston office. i-Group became Seed Capital Partners in 2001. With I-Group and Seed Capital (both SOFTBANK affiliates) Dr. Kalelkar developed the investment strategy, created a healthy deal-flow and made investments in a number of start-up companies. He was responsible for all aspects of operations of the Boston office and served on the board of several portfolio companies.

Dr. Kalelkar served as a member of the Board of Directors of Arthur D. Little, Inc. In addition he serves on the Board of three start-up companies in which he was also an Angel investor: Cyota, InteQ and Intelligent Distance Learning.

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