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TiE Boston is focused on supporting entrepreneurs throughout their lifecycle — from ideation to creation, through growth, wealth creation and ultimately, support of future founders. By encouraging collaboration between our members throughout the entrepreneurial process, with programs, events, other forums created by entrepreneurs, TiE has created a repeatable cycle to foster the next generation of entrepreneurship.


Who We Are

TiE Boston is a member-based organization founded in 1997 by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals of Indian origin, in order to foster future innovators.


Today we support entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and what sets TiE Boston apart is: TiE Boston is by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

We have been operating for almost 25 years, and have an unparalleled network of successful, serial entrepreneurs who are deeply engaged and committed to giving back to the community by providing mentorship, tactical advice, and expertise to rising entrepreneurs.

Founded by entrepreneurs who immigrated from the Indus region, we are uniquely positioned to champion inclusion in the innovation ecosystem, and welcome innovators and enthusiasts from all backgrounds.

What We Do



Connecting entrepreneurs with experienced founders, angel investors, venture capitalists, and service providers. A first step to engage in all of our offerings and programs, learn more about our membership


Engaging senior innovators and charter members looking to help others navigate their own entrepreneurial journey. We help enterprising high school students in TiE Young Entrepreneurs to "Seed to Series A" startups in ScaleUp! 


Providing access to relevant business connections, expertise, and potential sources of capital. Join as an investor or apply to pitch at TiE Boston Angels. 


Supporting continued learning around industry-specific content from knowledgeable speakers and dialogue-driven events. Check out TiECON East or any of our upcoming events! 

Connecting Globally

Today, TiE is the world’s largest not-for-profit network dedicated to helping startups grow. In 25 years the TiE Network has reached 12,000 members across 14 countries and contributed to $250B in wealth creation. TiE Chapters around the world have become a vibrant platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, industry leaders, and investors to interact with one another & forge long-lasting relationships.


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