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Samir Desai

Founder's Journey

Since 1972, Nilima and I have been proud members of several cultural, educational, and community organizations in the area. My journey from a small village in Gujarat to Massachusetts was bumpy, our outlook was naïve, but our eyes and hearts were open to a world of possibilities.

After working at two large high tech startups, my desire to be #1 in the organization was not fulfilled. Thanks to inspiration from family and friends, I founded System Resource Corp, a system integration company, which I then grew and sold to a NYSE company. SRC’s success opened doors I could not have imagined - attending Presidential inaugurations, landing on aircraft carriers, winning federal and local awards, meeting Hollywood celebrities, and having the respect and building relationships with the most powerful people in America

When the dozen of us started TIE-Atlantic, we shared a passion for technology and entrepreneurship, and we also shared a background from India steeped in grit and hard work. We wanted to build a support structure for entrepreneurs, not just for ourselves, but for the next generation of builders and dreamers.

I am beyond proud to see the next generation building on the foundation we created, and making it their own! I love seeing more women involved and the commitment to bring younger folks, and underserved folks into the fold through TYE.

Professionally, the highlights of my life will always be building the Desai Foundation, building SRC and being a part of the founding TIE Boston team.

Samir Desai

TiE Boston Presidential Term:


Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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