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Rahul Singh

Founder's Journey

I was born to an Indian Army WW2 Armored Corp Officer, grew up in India, and went to boarding school at Doon School, Dehradun. I was both inspired and influenced by my mother who played four instruments and had a great interest in the arts.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics with a major in econometrics. I then pursued a degree in law. My work experience includes consulting, financial services and practicing law! My years of consulting at McKinsey along with my experience as a partner in a Wall Street firm, gave me wide corporate exposure, while my legal practice took me down the path to co-founding NM Legal Aid Service.

I consider myself a global citizen, having lived and worked in many countries across the globe. I was an early participant from Wall Street in TiE Silicon Valley with Kailash Joshi, AJ Patel & Kanwal Rehki. The vision of TiE founders was to bring the Indian diaspora together using entrepreneurship as a unifying factor, a mission that resonated strongly with me. It was this mission which led me to serve as a catalyst for founding the TiE Boston chapter. While I was in Silicon Valley, along with the help of Ramesh Kapur, I initiated the establishment of the TiE chapter in Boston, and the rest is history.

My interest in entrepreneurship combined with my love for arts is what led me to serve on the board of Beacon Hill Resources Plc and regularly mentor young artists and entrepreneurs.

Rahul Singh

TiE Boston Presidential Term:

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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