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Mahendra Patel

Founder's Journey

I am a member of the Indian diaspora through my parents who were born in India,although I was born in Uganda, East Africa. I emigrated to England to study at the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge. I subsequently joined International Computers to develop an architecture for a new computer series. I was then recruited by Digital Equipment Corporation in Boston in the software development group, I was promoted to become a Corporate Consulting Engineer to lead the newly formed architecture group to develop the communications protocols for Ethernet,FDDI and DECNET.

I was then asked to form a new group responsible for Systems Engineering as its Vice President.The new group's responsibility included the integration of all of Digital's products as well as those of all of its partners. Subsequently Compaq Computer Corporation acquired Digital. I then became a Vice President of Compaq responsible for Systems Engineering, and I remained with the company until Compaq was acquired by Hewlett Packard Company.

In 1997 when discussions were taking place about the formation of TIE, I was asked if I would become a charter member of TIE. I was particularly interested in helping young entrepreneurs of Indian origin to not only start their companies but also to navigate through the growth period, so of course I did become a member of TIE. I subsequently assisted several companies started by my colleagues and friends of Indian origin during their growth. I am delighted that TIE now consists of the young at heart and celebrates 25 years of its age.

Mahendra Patel

TiE Boston Presidential Term:

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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