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Dinesh Patel

Founder's Journey

I was born, raised and educated in Nadiad, Gujarat, India. I feel lucky to be respected as one of the principal founders of modern arthroscopy and one of the most influential educators and thought leaders in orthopedics. I retired in 2021 after 54 years at Massachusetts General Hospital, where I was Chief of Arthroscopic Surgery. In my career I was a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have been invited by numerous governments to assist in establishing orthopedic best practices and training in arthroscopy, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, India, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Indonesia and Egypt.

As an entrepreneur, I had the opportunity to revolutionize the medical device industry with the launch of Acufex Microsurgical which has generated a billion dollars in revenue since inception in the 1980s. In the 80s, I was selected to be the first minority Chairman of the Board of Registration in Medicine in Massachusetts and an elected member of the Federation of State Medical Boards. I was also the founding president of IMANE and a former President of IAFPE. Within Tie-Atlantic I founded the TiE Life Sciences section. I have received numerous awards from the Government of Gujarat, the State of Massachusetts, Rotary International, and the global medical community. I have been ably supported by my wife of 58 years, Kokila Patel for 58 years and am blessed with 3 children and 10 grandchildren.

Dinesh Patel

TiE Boston Presidential Term:

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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