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Ashraf Dahod

Founder's Journey

I came to the USA in 1971 and after a year each at University of Michigan & Stanford University, I moved to the Boston area for my first job in 1973. In 1981, on graduation from Harvard Business School, I founded my first company with investment from some of the top venture capital firms. I took the plunge turning down a lucrative offer from an investment banking firm. This was very unconventional in those days with only a few of us from a class of nearly 900 graduates taking this path. At that time, I was among the first group of non-white entrepreneurs to raise venture capital in the Boston area. Hence, I was very excited when Desh approached me in 1997, when I was onto my fourth venture, with the proposal to start TIE Boston to foster more entrepreneurs with our background.

It’s truly impressive the way TIE Boston has expanded to serve the evolving needs of our community and the dramatic impact it has had in creating a very robust entrepreneurial environment. I wish the very best to the leadership and all members of TIE Boston and the global TIE community.

Ashraf Dahod

TiE Boston Presidential Term:

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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