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Yash Shah


IBM SevOne

I grew up in India and came to the U.S. to do my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in Upstate New York at Clarkson University. Post-graduation, I moved to the Boston area where I got my first job in Cambridge at TRW. After about four years at TRW and getting my green card, I moved to Hewlett-Packard. Eventually, I left HP to co-found InteQ with my friend Santhana Krishnan, which was the start of my entrepreneurial journey. After 15 years of ups and downs at InteQ, we sold the company to CA Technologies in 2010. Today, I own a venture services firm called Jeavio that I co-founded with my brother Uday Shah. Jeavio enables entrepreneurs to build next-generation products and provides them with services they may find difficult to afford, such as product management, design, and systems architecture.
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Yash Shah





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