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Vinay Aggarwal

Strategic Advisor

Vinay Aggarwal, MD, MPH is a seasoned physician and executive who has a diversity of experience in the healthcare arena and strives to improve healthcare systems through his clinical acumen and business endeavors. Most recently, Vinay took on the role of National Primary & Virtual Care Transformation Director of a prominent, well-funded, start-up company, Carbon Health. In his role, he was responsible for building a unique virtual primary care model for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to care for MA-based employers with a national presence. He was instrumental in creating a standardized patient and PCP engagement model to facility quality gap closure and an eye towards reduced total cost of care. Utilizing Carbon’s patient centric EHR and integrated services (Virtual Diabetes, Collaborative Mental Health and Urgent Care Clinics) are key components to this approach. Vinay was responsible for creating a standardized process and system improvements to recruit and retain high quality PCPs. He was also responsible for maintaining high quality PC within 50 Carbon Health clinics. He was also involved in creating a more longitudinal patient record approach in the Carbon home-grown EHR and also in incorporating AI to streamline charting. As the owner of a prominent hospitalist company, Platinum Medical Group (PMG), in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles marketplace, Vinay orchestrated its acquisition by a reputable, Optum owned hospitalist company, Sound Inpatient Physicians, for significant value. In the process, Vinay was responsible for all communications, diligence activities and negotiations with the buyer. As the CEO of the PMG for 10 years, Vinay, was responsible for strategy and growth objectives while maintaining operations, talent acquisition, regulatory and financial aspects of the company. His focus was on continuous quality improvement, optimal outcomes, strict compliance, and high ethical standards. Employing his data analytics and population health management skills, he strategically positioned the group to be part of the CMS’s Bundle Payment Care Improvement Advanced (BPCIA) program. By doing so, PMG became significantly valuable and was able to garner a much higher than average EBITDA multiple on acquisition. During his time as a practicing clinician, he was able to identify a gap in care coordination and launched a startup to offer secure mobile care coordination amongst all the providers on a care team for a particular patient that spanned all care settings, including the hospital, nursing homes, and homes of patients. Finally, Vinay has also created a top ranking and profitable medical spa in the Los Angeles area, one of the most competitive beauty markets in the world. Prior to residency and medical school, Vinay was a successful business executive in healthcare. In 1996, he was a senior consultant at Towers Willis Watson (formerly Watson Wyatt) working the strategic side of healthcare helping insurance companies, health systems, physician organizations and large employers position themselves for managed care. After several successful years in his consulting role, Vinay pursued an interest in health IT and ran health benefits administration platforms to enable employee self-service for large Fortune 500 companies at Fidelity nvestments. Specifically, Vinay was responsible for the health benefits administration strategy for Fidelity’s prestigious NetBenefits platform for their large employer clients, like IBM. Vinay attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1995 with a degrees in Neuroscience and Economics. He then went on to Yale to do a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Health Policy and Management (1999). His medical degree is from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2006. Finally, he completed his internal medicine residency at Cedars Sinai and obtained his Board Certification in 2009 and continues to maintain this. In addition to his health care business passion, Vinay loves raising his four children with his wife Mary and spending quality time with his family. Vinay and his family all participate in philanthropy and believe in contributing locally as well as globally in productive and charitable ways. Finally, he loves golfing, squash, skiing and traveling.
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Vinay Aggarwal



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