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Sushil Bhatia


JMD Manufacturing Inc.

Dr. Bhatia is a globally known award winning entrepreneur and innovator who has several patents, publications and new products to his name. He has developed/co-developed many products used in daily life. Some of the products that he has innovated, developed and has patents on are - Glue Stic, convention/seminar name badges, mailing labels, laser/copier labels, binding systems, decorative labels for shampoo/cosmetic/food containers and a DeCopier.In fact, you cannot go through a day in life without using, looking at or touching a product in which he did not have a hand to develop/co-develop. He has founded several companies and is currently the President and CEO of JMD Manufacturing Incorporated and ShapeX Stampers Batch Coders. JMD's products are used across many industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetic and toiletry products.
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Sushil Bhatia




Consumer Products

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