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TiE Boston Charter Members

Srini Rao



Datycs - Making data work for healthcare. Srini has been at the forefront of two key technological advancements, machine learning and wireless broadband communications, and is now actively contributing to the digital transformation of healthcare. As a member of the pioneering speech recognition and machine learning group at IBM Watson Research in the 1990s, Srini developed the system that led the first DARPA competition for transcribing the Switchboard conversational telephony corpus. In addition to conducting research, he also developed the language models used in IBM’s ViaVoice product. Srini later led the architecture of Motorola cellular core networks products and worked with leaders from communications service providers and public safety organizations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He served as vice chair of a committee on 3G cellular standards and collaborated with strategic partners to develop one of the earliest IMS ecosystems in the world, thereby contributing to the evolution of wireless networks toward more open, interoperable multimedia communications platforms.
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Srini Rao





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