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TiE Boston Charter Members

Sanjay Tikku

Founder & CEO

Distributed Technology Associates, Inc.

I am an experienced global executive focused on providing data and database related services to enterprises, worldwide. I particularly enjoy delivering data/database centric services that enable our clients to maximize the business value of their data. For the last 20+ years I have led Distributed Technology Associates, Inc. (DTA), a global company, with offices in USA and India. DTA services are focused on enterprise relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server) and enterprise graph databases (Neo4j). Our customers include Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies – all of whom have come to rely upon us as a trusted advisor. As the chief executive of the company, it is extremely satisfying to me that we have enduring relationships with our clients, in some cases stretching back to our founding years. I am also enormously proud of our company's record of retaining employees for the long term, in the extremely competitive world of IT.
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Sanjay Tikku





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