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Radha Jalan

Retired as former President and CEO


Dr. Radha Jalan is retiring from clean energy firm ElectroChem, Inc. after nearly 30 years as its president and CEO. Planning for a career as an educator, Jalan earned graduate degrees in literature and education from University of Calcutta, India and University of Florida, Gainesville. After her husband’s untimely passing, however, she was compelled to pivot: Jalan took the reins of ElectroChem in 1992, only six years after scientist Dr. Vinod Jalan had founded it. During her tenure at the helm of ElectroChem, Jalan renewed its focus on fuel cell research and development. She also led the expansion of the business’ commercial operations by pursuing government contracts and developing its product sales segment. It was under Jalan’s leadership that the firm became profitable, and internal sources credit her strategic planning as a major source of the company’s success in the fuel cell market and fuel cell technology development. ElectroChem Inc. strives to provide leading edge research and development in the fuel cell industry. Its mission is to perform research; install fuel cell laboratories across the globe; and provide fuel cell assembly education and training, MEA fabrications, and fuel cell testing for its customers. Its product offerings include fuel cell power systems, test equipment, research supplies, humidification systems, and more. Additional information is available at
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Radha Jalan





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