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TiE Boston Charter Members

Priya Samant

Co-Founder & CEO


Priya is a technology entrepreneur and CEO/ Co-Founder of Abris Inc. At Abris our goal is to democratize the world of NFTs. She is also a changemaker and multi-talented professional with experience being advisor/member on the tech policy team on the US Presidential campaign. In 2019, Priya created a concept “Impact Advisor” for cause based films along with a credit title for the same which is given in Indian Cinema, primarily Hindi cinema popularly known as Bollywood. She was impact advisor to "My Home India", listed and reviewed for Oscar in 2020, "The Illegal", listed and reviewed for Oscar in 2021 and "The Kashmir Files", film that is a defining moment for the Indian cinema. Priya has moderated panels at Davos during the World Economic Forum, chaired panels at Horasis meetings, Indian Merchant Chamber of Commerce and Industry and during the United Nations General Assembly.
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Priya Samant





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