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Paresh Shah


MindLeaf Tech

My career as a Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Specialist began in the medical and compliance support field in 1993. My experience comes from working with healthcare professionals in federal & govt institutions to help them navigate stringent compliance requirements. Utilizing our past success, we began looking for more sectors to grow and expand our expertise in. We have shifted focus to the Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals industry; a space that’s currently in dire need of managerial, administrative, and follow-up services for clinical trials due to their increased compliance regulations. Given the current speed of treatment advancement in the healthcare sector with new medication, techniques, technologies, and innovation means clinical trials need to be conducted at an accelerated rate. The biggest challenge is keeping patients engaged and keeping their interest levels high during medium to long-term studies. Did you know that 30% of patients drop out of trials early? This negatively impacts not only the accuracy of results but also wastes money, time, and investment of the research company.
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Paresh Shah



Healthcare Services


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