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TiE Boston Charter Members

Neil Chheda


Romulus Capital

Neil is an entrepreneur. He has a passion for building product and teams. He focuses on investments in internet, mobile, and healthcare companies. Before Romulus, Neil was a product manager at Zynga. He built products features for Farmville, which has since reached tens of millions of users and become one of the most successful internet productsin history. Prior to Zynga, he founded and successfully sold a healthcare company that designs new anesthesiology service solutions to outpatient centers. Neil founded and managed a boutique private equity firm to invest in niche healthcare markets. He has also spent time at McKinsey & Company and Kleiner Perkins, where he focused in healthcare and technology industries. Neil received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Political Science from Yale University.
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Neil Chheda



Venture Capital


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