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Ling Cheung Hughes

Senior Legal Advisor, IP Strategy

Wolf Greenfield

Ling helps startup companies navigate intellectual property issues such as patent portfolio development and licensing. She prides herself on her ability to dig into the toughest technologies and at the same time appreciate their business relevance. Ling invests in her clients by taking time off the clock to learn about their businesses, so she can craft creative legal solutions tailored to specific business goals. Ling has extensive technical training in formal verification, distributed computing, network security, and cryptography. Her PhD research focused on modeling and verification of randomized embedded system algorithms using techniques such as theorem proving and model checking. Ling is particularly skilled at developing and executing patent strategies. She has regular success with the US patent office’s fast track program, obtaining allowances within 6-9 months of filing. She interrogates inventors rigorously to tease out technical aspects of their inventions. That allows her to draft patent applications that clearly articulate technical improvements and advantages -- an important foundation for fending off subject matter eligibility (Alice) rejections. Ling also provides other IP services, including licensing and defending due diligence. She uses her extensive prior experience in post grant proceedings and litigation to help her clients mitigate long term risks. Ling strives to be not only an excellent lawyer for her clients, but also a responsive and dependable business partner. She is passionate about fostering innovation, and immerses herself in the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem, regularly teaching IP basics at VentureWell accelerator workshops, and mentoring startup teams that she meets through various pitch events. Her goals are to give back to the community, and at the same time to build experiences and connections that will allow her to better serve her clients.
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Ling Cheung Hughes




Intellectual Property

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