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TiE Boston Charter Members

Kshitij Kumar

Founder & CEO


Kshitij is a technology executive and a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for starting and growing companies and developing win-win partnerships. With proven track record of identifying market opportunities to create differentiating and transformational applications, he founded Clovertex in 2019, a firm specializing in building High Performance Computing (HPC) architecture frameworks on Amazon Web Services. Clovertex specializes in building / migrating scientific research high performance computing (HPC) and data platforms to AWS leveraging container and non container based technologies. Clovertex has successful migration patterns for commonly used research applications like Single Cell Sequencing, GROMACS, NAMD, ANSYS, RELION, cryo-EM, cryoSPARC, NONMEM etc. Clovertex' unique methodology allows you to get the optimal price and performance from an all cloud or hybrid system. In addition to HPC, Clovertex specializes in managing large scale big data platforms, data lakes and AI/ML frameworks.
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Kshitij Kumar




Networks & Infra

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