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TiE Boston was founded on the basis of creating a community within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Knowing that entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, the founders envisioned TiE Boston as community hub that would enable entrepreneurs of all levels to connect and to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to succeed. 



There are no openings currently. If your values, goals, and objectives are in line with ours, take the next step by sending in your interest to

Instructor, TiE Boston Foundation's Young Entrepreneurship Academy (TYE) - Part-time Position

Are you passionate about youth entrepreneurship and making an impact in Boston’s startup community? Are you interested in a rewarding role to supplement your current income (and provide beneficial professional experience)? Are you able to teach on Saturdays from Oct, ’24 - May ’25?

We are looking for a TYE Instructor to play a significant role in the continued development of our TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Boston program.

TiE Young Entrepreneurs Boston (TYE) is dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders by creating a STEM focused business environment where high school aged participants can learn and experience successful pathways to their professional careers. We envision a world where TYE Alumni are prepared and eager to participate as thought leaders, industry experts and community builders to create a more collaborative and innovative society.

TYE is part of a global program to foster future generations of industry leaders by teaching high school students the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. TYE is an extra-curricular program where students from all over New England utilize modern skills and tools to build a solution using customer feedback, iteration, and lightweight business models. TYE is designed to teach high school students’ entrepreneurship and leadership skills while preparing them for the future demands of the innovation economy.

Each year, our young entrepreneurs from Boston pitch in front of VC’s from the business community for up to $15k in seed funding and the chance to represent Boston at the Global TiE Young Entrepreneurs Competition in June.

You will be one of TiE Boston Foundation, Inc’s leading ambassadors, engaging our youth through curriculum delivery and activities, connecting with startup founders and industry experts to help provide context to our students and creating lasting impact on the future leaders of Boston.

TiE Boston Foundation, Inc is made up of a fun, diverse, results-driven and passionate team who believe in the potential of every student and the power of entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning to transform the education landscape. We work in a collaborative environment where flexibility, cross-cultural understanding and an entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged and celebrated. For more information, please visit

Position Overview:

The TYE Instructor will deliver our TYE curriculum and take the lead on coordinating with guest speakers to ensure that guest speakers are building upon what the students learned during class that day. The TYE Instructor will take the lead with the Associate Program Director to ensure the smooth delivery of high-quality curricula, engagement of participants and graduates, and continued improvement of these programs.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Programming
  • Knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship cycle, lean canvas, marketing, etc.
  • Deliver TYE’s unique curriculum, helping guide students from idea to pitch
  • Maintain and improve TYE curricula, leveraging resources and insights from other TYE chapters, university programs and accelerators.
  • Connect with Mentors to ensure student teams are progressing well in the curriculum
  • Helping manage team conflicts
  • Providing feedback on ideas and execution
  • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, including the introduction and maintenance of systems and metrics to track progress and measure successes.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience as a Founder or Co-founder (Preferred)
  • 1–3 years of experience working with youth (Preferred)
  • An understanding of the entrepreneurial life cycle and enthusiasm for TiE Boston Young Entrepreneurs’ mission
  • Excellent public speaking and organizational skills
  • Strong relationship management skills.

Successful candidates will demonstrate the following competencies through a combination of previous education/work experiences:

  • Initiative - Proactively create and/or follow through on new ideas and strategies;
  • Attention to Detail - Accomplish a task with a thorough and precise focus on every component of the project, no matter how small or time-consuming;
  • Written Communication - Excellent written communication skills and ability to accurately convey background and interests of funders, ideally associating their interests with TiE Boston’s organizational needs and priorities;
  • Interpersonal Skills - Use a variety of techniques, as appropriate, to connect with others to build positive relationships and be a true team player;
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Anticipate and respond promptly and professionally to requests and needs from all key stakeholders and set clear expectations while taking other perspectives into account
  • Multi-tasking – Move seamlessly between any number of prioritized tasks and functions while effectively managing time.
  • Forward Thinking – Anticipate the implications and after effects of situations and take appropriate action to be prepared for possible outcomes.

Position Details:
TYE Instructor (high school students)

  • Office Location: Kendall Square CIC in Cambridge, MA
  • TYE Program meets on 24 Saturdays from 9:30am–3pm from mid-October, 2024 through mid-May, 2025
  • This is a part-time, contract position.
Summer Boot Camp Instructor (grades 7–9 students)
  • Office Location: Kendall Square CIC in Cambridge, MA
  • TYE Program meets M-F Aug 5th - 9th from 9:30am-3pm
  • This is a part-time, contract position.

  • Compensation: Competitive salary; dependent on experience

    Application Instructions:

    Please submit your materials to Adam Carter at We will contact all applicants that meet the minimum requirements of the role.
    TiE Boston Foundation, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages candidates of all backgrounds to apply for this position.

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