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Subhash Roy


Kandou Bus

Throughout my 25+ year career, I’ve built industry shifting products (TranSwitch, Onex, AMCC, Kwicr, Kandou), created new technologies (35 US patents issued), and built/scaled products/organizations from zero to growth stage for private/public companies. BUSINESS LEADERSHIP: Launched new category company – OTT Mobile Delivery Network that Globally enables Mobile Application Acceleration (end users in 220+ countries across 1500+ Mobile Operators). Launched new Packet over Glass (OTN+Ethernet) products defined and architected by my group. Top line for Transport-BU increased from $38M in 2005 to $96M in 2011 primarily driven by these new OTN products. Board of Directors (Chairman, Member, Observer) - Kwicr (MDN) – ’12-‘16, Lightwire (Silicon Photonics) ‘07-12 acq Cisco Systems, Potentia Semiconductor (Power Management) ‘03-’05 acq Power Integrations, Cortina Systems (Communications) acq Inphi ‘04-’05, BTI Photonics (Optical) ’03-’05 acq Juniper Networks and Simpler Networks (MDF) ‘03-’05.
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Subhash Roy





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