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Saji Nair

Co-Founder & CEO

BCube Analytics

My current work includes IT consulting, software product development, business development, marketing & sales, customer relationship and facilitating economic development through entrepreneurship. I grew up in Mumbai, India and was trained primarily in physics. I started my career as a researcher, but then at the turn of the century, I joined Wipro Technologies and implemented large scale network management systems for leading telecom OEM’s. After moving to the United States in 2005, I developed a desire to work in financial services and risk management and completed my MBA from NYIT. While consulting at large firms like State Street, EY and Citizens Bank, I understood the challenges in audits and compliance due to the lack of a unified collaboration platform. With my co-founders Ashwini Kumar Rath and Steven Bouley, I started BCube Analytics Inc. We created a secure technology platform to help audit firms and their clients to work remotely, communicate and collaborate to deliver real-time assurance.
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Saji Nair




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