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Bhasker Natarajan


AIG (Last Company)

For over two decades, I’ve worked in roles where I have brought lasting operating change and improved performance across the U.S., Eastern Europe and Asia. Roles in the past nearly two decades have included serving as an integral part of the senior leadership team for Fortune 100 companies (Travelers, Liberty Mutual, AIG) built on strategy and technology foundations at McKinsey and Cognizant providing thought leadership for the world-leading enterprises. I’ve assessed startups, scale-up operations, led multi-year operations turnarounds and global transformations. With both my internal global team and clients, I’ve found that the most productive relationships are built in trusting environments. This approach has allowed me to be part of effective product expansions, turnarounds, transformations, and change management initiatives across multiple-cultures and international operating units. I frequently work with entrepreneurs/global business teams who have big ideas, helping them recognize and foster models and technologies that will transform their businesses and the marketplace. It’s about knowing which pieces of the business need to come together and in what order to create the biggest impact.
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Bhasker Natarajan



Financial Services


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