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TiE Boston Charter Members

Anuj Bhagwati

Managing Director/CEO

A.T.E. India

A.T.E. is a 75 year-old social business. Our strategy has been driven by India’s development needs. In our traditional sectors of textile machinery, print and packaging equipment, and liquid transfer, we have many world class solutions from world leaders. Over the last few years, I’m excited that we’ve launched a number of new businesses based on eco-friendly technology that we’ve developed @ A.T.E. in the areas of: cooling, heat exchange, waste water treatment, IoT, static control, textile spinning components, and concentrated solar thermal. Today, I’m happy that A.T.E. “invents in India” and we sell all over the world! Apart from that, I spend at least a third of my time on non-profit work. I’ve focused my personal efforts on urban planning, governance, and education. I was involved in creating a non-profit before I started a business…
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Anuj Bhagwati




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