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TiE Boston Charter Members

Abhi Yadav

Former CEO

Zylotech (Acquired)

I have experience across many stages of the business life-cycle: owning P&L, startup, bootstrapping, venture funding, scale-up, growth, and M&A. Over the last two decades, I am fortunate to build expertise around my passion - Customer Experience (Solutions to the journey/funnel - identity, acquisition & retention challenge) for enterprises, B2B, and consumers. With operating experience on both the build and sales sides. Garnering ~$100M worth of EBITDA via companies, I started. My unique blend of strategic perspective and disciplined tactical execution is suited to environments where uncertainty is the rule rather than the exception. Expertise - Machine Intelligence, Customer Journey, GTM/RevOps, PLG, CLG, Product management, modern data stack/AI/ML, corporate development, economic modeling, CDP, martech, fintech, digital identity, semantic web, CX, Enterprise software, Biz dev, pricing, market research.
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Abhi Yadav





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